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Note: Kiln kits do not include installation, chamber or heat source.

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Global Energy Services

Global Energy provides full kiln kits, parts and consulting.  We can also provide energy solutions from wood heat to waste vegetable oil powered diesel engines for power.  Our microturbines offer cogeneration - the ability to make electricity and hot air from one fuel source.

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Motors: Please specify single or three phase motors when ordering.  Three phase motors are vastly more efficient than single phase, they also have better insulation, which means they last a great deal longer.

Boiler: If you are ordering a boiler, please indicate natural gas or propane.  We recommend the Central Boiler if you wish to use your wood waste.  These have an optional gas burner port built-in.  Solar hot water panels are available for $3,000 each (multiple units are required for primary heat).

Kiln Chamber:  You may use a insulated shipping container, used refrigerated container, or build your own pre-fab insulated building.

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